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Feb 15, 2010

No-one Home at Target ?

Target, Bondi.  No-one home in the consumer electronics dept at Target, Bondi on a Sunday lunch-time.  People walking away - and my product - after a 10 minute wait for  a staff member - was out of stock, despite being advertised. #fail.

Anyone for the Beach ... at the Airport ?

Sydney Airport.  Standout window graphic for Havaianas.

ACDC on Target ?

Target, Broadway.  I wondered about the match between these brand's respective target markets (forgive the pun).  (ACDC currently on tour in Australia).

Feb 12, 2010

Compassion for Valentine's Day

TS, East Gardens.  I was very impressed with this promotion by TS.  An innovative position to take on Valentine's Day - Open Your Heart. Kudos to them.

Retail Raro-style

A friend sent these pix through of retail in Rarotonga (Cook Is).  My apologies for the low-quality pix, but the comments are really funny. 

The sports store makes it easy for you to see if they stock your size shoes, as the boxes are stored in the window.

Love the Perfumery that has a side line in....chocolate.

And the Pharmacy that also stocks fun stuff like duty free booze and smokes (but that’s OK....they also do health screening).

Publish Post

Mismatch ?

TGV mall.  I quite liked the innovative display unit and the drama created by the curtains, lighting and colours.  However,  I think there is a mismatch between this and what the shop assistant is wearing - denim skirt/ shorts. All elements in a retail store need to be aligned for the brand to stand out.

For Lovers with A Sweet Tooth

Darrell Lea, QVB.  Strong window concept for Valentine's Day- up to their usual high standard at this store.

Showing Kids the Ropes

Country Road, QVB. A good looking kids window - one of their better efforts - previous window concepts have been somewhat obtuse.

Signed for Sale

Zu, Westfield Pitt Street. I was quite impressed with how well laid out and signed this shoe store in sale mode was.  The colour coded discount signs are especially good.

Feb 11, 2010

Smiggle Gets Arty

Smiggle, Market City.  A logical extension for this retailer of quirky social stationery. It will be interesting to see how they deliver a quirky take on this traditionally staid product category.

No longer 'local'

Coles, Waterloo.  Ouch ! Not quite what the supplier would have wanted, I am sure.  I understand there needs to be 'truth' in packaging - but this response seems a bit excessive ?

Feb 10, 2010

Getting served

Bunnings, Alexandria, Sunday morning.  This pic neatly illustrates the challenge of getting served at Bunnings.  All these people are lined up to see the guy in the red shirt (and green apron).  I have always found them to be pretty knowledgeable and helpful, but finding one who is available is a real challenge.  The store wasn't super-busy either.

Lack of Imagination

Market City mall.  The name suggests a certain lack of imagination and a contradiction .... imagine doing a search online for this name :)

Trust the Sign ?

Coles, Waterloo.  I think I understand what Coles are trying to achieve with this, but as always the fine print is the killer.  What constitutes 'local' for produce ? I am not sure customers trust their supermarkets enough to think they would be fair in their local fresh produce pricing.  Also, I could understand why a customer in, say, Bourke, far west NSW, would want the same price as in Sydney, which benefits from economies of scale, but do I want to effectively subsidize their transport costs ? Why would local produce be any different then ?  This raises more questions than answers.    

Signage Psychology or incompetence ?

Bunnings, Alexandria.  This one had me scratching my head.  

Feb 9, 2010

Risque Valentine

QVB mall.  For the risque Valentine in your life.

Feb 8, 2010

So French

Simply Perfection, Balmain.  Simple use of a stunning image as a backdrop enhances the display of this product, lends authenticity.

For the Romantics on Valentine's Day

Simply Perfection, Balmain.  A strong display of romantic baubles and French influence at this store.

What Crisis do you see ?

Balmain. Spotted at an optometrist -  not sure how having un-cool glasses is a major crisis, but a cool poster nonetheless.

Feb 4, 2010

For Betty Boop fans

Spotted in Greenwoods Plaza.  Trendy and funky product.

Save Yourself

Paul Franks, TGV mall.  Cool product for cool cats.

A French Valentine

L'Occitane, QVB.  A French take on Valentine's Day.

Cute sticky puppies

Spotted in Harris St, Pyrmont.  Very cute puppy lollipops - I am sure these are irresistible to children - and some grown ups too :)  One of the benefits of shopping locally - unique products.

Feb 2, 2010

The Love-O-Meter

Lush, QVB.  A fun, innovative concept- how do YOU rate ? (eh with your Valentine, not with me, I mean :)...... )

A Chameleon Store ?

Greenwood Plaza.  Can you guess from this pic what sort of store this is ?  (the answer may surprise you - and will be posted here later today).  Feel free to leave your answers or thoughts as a comment below.

Bankwest scores a Duck

Greenwood Plaza.  A cool looking billboard in the mall, except it doesn't actually give you the direction of the bank branch - fairly fundamental error?

A Stunning Valentine from Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander, Westfield Pitt St.  Standout - just gotta love the dog :)

Geeks of the World Unite

Ron Bennett, Westfield Pitt St.  Apparently geeks are making a comeback.

Feb 1, 2010

Bags packed ?

Travelite, East Gardens.  A new attractive store from Aldo to replace their shoe store on the same site.  One can't help feeling they have moved from one ultra-competitive market sector into another ?

For Mums with Money

Gumboots, Broadway.  A very tidy and impressive window.  Mums with disposable income are likely to be impressed.  

Retail Landscape

Impulse at the Self-Scan ?

Coles, Broadway. I was interested to see impulse product lines at these checkouts.  They do, however, seem to be an afterthought.  I would imagine that shoppers will need to get used to the mechanics of using these machines before they will have the 'head space' to pay attention to impulse items.  Having said that, it made me wonder whether in doing away with the traditional express checkouts, supermarket operators have factored  in the loss of sales on impulse lines ?  

Portmans new look

Portmans, Broadway.  A new look for this retailer trying to re-position itself.  An impressive window.