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Nov 30, 2010

Checking In all Checked Out ?

Interesting article (and amusing)  - do you feel Foursquare fatigue ?

Link Source: AdAge

Why I'm Fed Up With All the Check-In Hoopla

Perhaps I'll Check Back In When This Stuff Works

by Kunur Patel 

Nov 23, 2010

Yo Optus !

Optus, Broadway.  It seems a bit too coincidental that Optus have used an orangutan in their advertising and M&C Saatchi (their agency) was also responsible for the ING TV campaign featuring a talking orangutan. Having said that, the Optus one stood out in-store, and was visible from a distance. Now to wait for the complaints from animal rights campaigners .....  no animals were hurt in the making of this blogpost.

Blood Diamonds or 'Hot' Jewellery ?

Jeweller in Broadway. Blood Diamonds or 'Hot' jewellery ? either way the associations are not the best :().  

Nov 12, 2010

Tesco iPhone App Hyperlinks Reality To Your Shopping List

Source: PSFK

Tesco enters the iPhone app market with an impressive offering that makes innovative use of the materials already on hand with both company and customer.
The app seamlessly integrates existing Tesco hallmarks (such as loyalty card data) but its most interesting element is the use of image recognition software to enable customers to update their shopping list on the fly. The app utilises the iPhone's camera feature to take a snapshot of a product's barcode and automatically syncs that item to the customers Tesco Online shopping list.
There's no need to make a shopping list anymore. Imagine that you've used up the last of your tea bags. Just scan the barcode and add the product to your online basket.
The most informative aspect of this app is how it approaches the internet of things. Perhaps the most interesting element of these two features taken together is the contrast between them and the other herald of the internet of things. RFID is often trumpeted as one of the major vanguards of ubiquitous computing (and has been enthusiastically embraced by Walmart, a company of similar relative proportions to Tesco). However, the image recognition championed by Tesco is another means towards hyperlinking reality into the digital realm. Relative to RFID, the latter option requires much less in terms of early adopters now that smartphones are so diffuse among the consumer populace.


Commentary on AMP Social Media Cafe

kind comments in my presentation yesterday on the shopper psychhology of geo-locational technologies.
maverickwoman Thnx to Todd King AMP Shopping Centres, @shoppologist @kcarruthers @hollingsworth 4 interesting exploration of social shopping at #AMP_SMC
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paulwallbank @shoppologist your pun on Pavlov dogs ringing a bell wasn't wasted #AMPSMC
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kcarruthers <3 @shoppologist he knows stuff! Gr8 preso re consumer psych @ AMP Social Media Cafe
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paulwallbank @shoppologist & @maverickwoman bounce around ideas on situational awareness, stimulus and perceptual vigilance #AMPSMC
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hollingsworth RT @maverickwoman consumer psychologist @shoppologist talking arousal, perceptually vigilant shoppers+receptiveness 2 relevant msgs #AMP_SMC
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maverickwoman Now consumer psychologist @shoppologist is talking about arousal, perceptually vigilant shoppers+receptiveness to relevant msgs #AMP_SMC
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hollingsworth Now consumer psychologist and retail strategist @shoppologist is talking about "social shopping activating our brains" #AMPSMC
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champagnejayne Enjoy! RT @paulwallbank: On way 2hear words of wisdom from @kcarruthers @hollingsworth & @shoppologist on why geolocation matters to retail.
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paulwallbank On way to hear words of wisdom from @kcarruthers @hollingsworth & @shoppologist on why geolocation matters to retail.
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Nov 10, 2010

The World's Innovators

Source: PSFK
A really interesting graphic depicting which countries file the most patents for each dollar of research expenditure, essentially showing the efficiency of their innovation and research efforts.  Click here to access article and here to enlarge image.

Nov 9, 2010

The GAP in Facebook's Places

Source: PSFK
The Gap's Facebook Places Deal: Free Jeans!

Tying into Facebook's Deals announcement last week, The Gap announced a promotion in which it offered free jeans to the first 10,000 people to check in to Gap outlets via Facebook. According to Fast Company, the promotion definitely met at least one of its objectives by generating awareness, interest and store visitation:

When I asked one store staffer whether any free jeans were left, she smiled and shook her head. The free jeans were long gone, she said, with lines stretching out the door since before the store opened at 8 a.m. People were actually showing their check-ins? Yes, she said. On Facebook Places!?! Yes.

Perhaps this store was the exception, I thought. But after calls to a slew of Gap stores in high-traffic New York City areas–Soho, the Financial District, Midtown–it appeared this was the norm. Every store worker I spoke with–only aware I was a potential customer–explained that the promotion had ended hours ago. Lines, they said, stretched out the doors, filled with eager-to-check-in customers. Many weren't sure of the exact number of free jeans offered before the 40%-off deal kicked in, but estimates were pegged between 50 to 100 for each store.

The promotion may have succeeded in generating PR, awareness and trials of Gap's jeans, but the question of what longer-term impact this may have for the brand remains. Will Gap be able to qualify who these customers were? Did they buy any other products while in store, or did they purely capitalize on the free denim? Will those customers remain, and did new customers consider the Gap as a result of their friends' experience and 'check in'? And was the cost of 10,000 pairs of free jeans worth it?

We'll keep our eyes out for additional word on the impact of this promotion.

Fast Company: "Facebook Places 'Deals' Gap a Huge Success"

US Shoppers Grow More Skeptical of Green Products

Source: AdAge
Green marketing, a movement so hot that not even a deep recession could kill it, is starting to show signs of consumer revolt. At the very least, it's a signal that green alone isn't enough of a marketing proposition; at most, it could signal consumers simply aren't buying the benefits of environmentally positioned products and brands.

Nov 6, 2010

Brand Attachment Thicker Than Money

Source: ScienceDaily (Nov. 4, 2010) — Can you forge an emotional bond with a brand so strong that, if forced to buy a competitor's product, you suffer separation anxiety? According to a new study from the USC Marshall School of Business, the answer is yes. In fact, that bond can be strong enough that consumers are willing to sacrifice time, money, energy and reputation to maintain their attachment to that brand.
ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news  and science breakthroughs -- updated daily

The study advances existing brand research in consumer psychology and goes beyond the existing paradigm, indicating that traditional measurements such as brand attitude strength do not adequately explain consumers' intense loyalties to the brands they love -- that they fail to explain how brands capture "consumers' hearts and minds." Brand attachment, the authors claim, does exist, is predicated on a brand/self-relationship and can better explain what drives consumer behavior and their loyalty and commitment to the brands.

It is brand attachment that explains consumers' devotion to the iPod, fans' intense reaction at celebrity deaths and the torment of teenagers who are denied their favorite brand of jeans. Through brand attachment, the USC Marshall study suggests, consumers see the brands as an extension of themselves

Nov 5, 2010

The Zamel's Sale Mystery Tour ?

Zamel's Broadway.  I am not a huge fan of this biz as I think some of their offers are a bit shonky.  However I was impressed with their Sales' effectiveness.  I think the curtain is a nice touch.  The Zamel's Sale Mystery Tour ?  A bit too high pressure for me, but the implied 'exclusivity of offer' appeals to some - witness the queue on a quiet day at the mall.

Jeans West Maxi is actually mini

Jeans West, Broadway.  A great looking maxi dress - a real pity that their core product is denim :P  What does the brand stand for ?

Facebook takes on Foursquare and Groupon

Source: AdAge

It will be interesting to see who the winners in this play will be - I am backing Facebook.

Facebook Ads Provide 'Deals' for Local Merchants, Marketers

 Facebook has a new offer for users willing to share their locations in status updates: deals from nearby merchants or big-brand marketers such as Starbucks, Gap or McDonald's.

The social network announced "Deals," an extension of its Places mobile feature, which allows users to check in at locations such as bars, coffee shops or malls. Users will be able to claim those deals by walking into a merchant and checking in on their phones or other mobile devices, giving marketers the ability to reach consumers and potentially attracting them into a given store.

The new service combines two of the hotter trends in local marketing: location-based check-in services such as Foursquare, and local group deals services such as Groupon or LivingSocial. "There are many changes in mobile, and there's a revolution in the social space," said Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, which has 200 million mobile users. "Mobile is as big as that -- when you combine mobile and social, industries can get disrupted."

But like everything Facebook does, it has the potential of taking a niche phenomenon now exploited by a coterie of small startups and turning it into a mass phenomenon. "While businesses have been able to use other geolocation services to incentivize customers to some extent, Facebook Deals allows global brands to do so at massive scale," said Michael Lazerow, CEO of social marketing firm Buddy Media.

Facebook announced the Deals Platform and another feature called "Single Sign On," which allows users to log into any app on their iPhones and Android phones, eliminating the need for remembering passwords and typing on tiny mobile keypads. There are 550,000 games and applications available on Facebook, and developers can now build the single sign-on into any of them or build new apps with the feature.

Facebook is launching the Deals service with 22 big brand partners -- Starbucks, McDonald's, H&M and Gap -- and 20,000 small- to medium-sized businesses can start creating Deals on their Places page inside of Facebook. Merchants create a Facebook page where there is an option for choosing the kind of deal they would like to offer: individual, loyalty, friends or charity. Individual and loyalty offers are digital versions of the traditional coupon and loyalty cards, where a customer gets a punch hole for every coffee or sandwich purchased. The friends offer is a strictly Facebook style deal, where if a user checks in his or her friends, they get a discount. The charity deal is where the merchant will donate $1 for each check to a charity.

"The Deals concept solves the long term," said Facebook's director of local, Emily White. "For a long time, merchants have been told to get online. This solves that problem for them and turns the fans into real dollars."

Gap decided to immediately participate in Deals, offering 10,000 pairs of jeans for free to all users who check into one of the 900 Gap stores nationwide. "It's important for us to connect with our customers where they are," said Olivia Doyne, a Gap spokeswoman on hand at the event at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto. "This can be used in so many ways. If a store has too much inventory, we can use Deals for that. We can tailor the deals to our customers' locations."

Facebook does not earn money in the Deals promotions, and Ms. White said this project is very much in a beta state. But inadvertently, by having more businesses create pages on Places and having more people checking into those businesses, there will be a natural increase in Facebook traffic.

Marketers have long seen mobile phones as a powerful means of reaching consumers while they're out shopping or physically close to a given store. "This is continuing Facebook's empowering of small businesses," said Dave Marsey, senior VP of Digitas digital media. "We're gonna see the biggest response with small local businesses that can more directly and electronically manage attracting new customers and rewarding loyal customers."

Mr. Zuckerberg said that, as always, Facebook's focus is to make things better for users. "Whether the deals platform turns into something more commercial, or we choose to monetize something else -- though we have no plans of doing that any time soon -- that works for us too."

Nov 4, 2010

H&M’s GoldRun Mobile Game

It would be interesting to see if this rather complex promotion generates any incremental sales.  Interesting idea, though.

Source: PSFK

H&M's GoldRun Mobile Game

H&M GoldRun

Retailer H&M and AR platform GoldRun have partnered together for an interactive mobile & display window activation, in which the GoldRun app lets iPhone users interact with H&M clothing & accessories displayed in the storefront windows of the retailer's Manhattan locations. Users choose the items they want to view and capture them with their phones to create their own 'virtual fashion show', receive an instant 10% off the store's wares and be entered for a chance to win gift certificates and a trip to Las Vegas. The app will facilitate trying on outfits virtually, posting of images to Facebook, and creation of custom lookbooks.

For a fast-fashion retailer like H&M – whom also arguably counts on a younger demographic for a not-insignificant portion of its business – the app and activation feels like an instinctively fun game and competition-based tool. But will it generate incremental sales for the retailer? We'd love to learn about the activation's impact and results, given it's much-hyped 'game'-based motivation.

Let's Dance ? Are you serious ?

Source: Creativity
M and S Christmas TVC 
Can't say it inspired me - perhaps the music is a bit too dated ? (Sorry Bee Gees) - what do YOU think ? 


Ted Baker Twitter season launch

Source: creativity
Interesting idea.

Twitter-driven style.

At 6pn GMT this Friday, November 5, U.K. clothier Ted Baker will celebrate the launch of its U.S. online store and promote its Fall/Winter 2010 line with #TakeOnTed. Conceived out of Guided Collective, the online promotion will enlist eight fashion bloggers to style Ted Baker looks solely over Twitter.

The bloggers will have 15 minutes to style two different looks from a selection of 450 Ted Baker pieces, giving their instructions to a hair stylist, make-up artist and three runners remotely over Tweets to@ted_baker.

The general public can observe the styling sessions live ion the Ted Baker site. They'll also get in on the styling action for five minutes after the final blogger session, tweaking the looks by directing their own Tweets to @ted_baker. Those looks will be then tagged in the Ted Baker U.S. Facebook page, and creators of the most "Liked" looks will earn a $500 gift card to Ted Baker online.

Nov 3, 2010

Sportsgirl's Leaf in Fashion

Sportsgirl, East Gardens.
A great summer window from this sharp retailer.  The window tells a positive, fun story - I just wonder about the shape of the leaf top left - maybe they have a 'special' offer ?? :))

Boring Male Fashion

Roger David, East Gardens.

Are blokes really this boring ?  This display has been in this menswear retailer's window for at least 3 months.  The cardinal rule of retailing: freshness/variety/novelty sells.  Come to think of it, the gear looks like 'oh so last season' - do you think their customers would notice ?  Maybe the answer lies hidden in their POS system data.....

Nov 2, 2010

A Fashion Take on Shop Local: Go Native

Source: PSFK

Screenshot from ShopNativeLA's website

Has the "buy local" grocery shopping trend started to infiltrate the fashion industry? A recently launched website gives style-savvy customers a new resource for locally designed clothes and accessories. ShopNativeLA brings the convenience of the Internet to trendy boutique shopping, offering fashions from promising new LA designers, along with vintage items carefully curated by founders Camille Joseph-Jordan and Mandy Mitchell.

The philosophy that inspired the venture shares some of the principles behind the movement to buy locally grown food and produce: providing consumers with quality products and boosting the local economy. ShopNativeLA is specifically focused on helping rising designers grow their business by offering their products to a wider audience.