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Jun 30, 2011

The World of Crowdsourcing

Source: Sydney Morning Herald/ The Age
Stephen Saunders doesn't really think of himself as a designer or a retailer and he's not quite ready to give up his day job as a retail consultant. But he's part of a growing number of hobbyist designer/retailers riding the consumer revolt against what he calls retailing “mediocrity”.

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Interesting merchandising ideas and concepts

Jun 12, 2011

the STUFF-iT Design shop

I recently embarked on a new venture in the world of e-commerce through opening the STUFF-iT design store. I will be documenting some of the learnings here, as I believe they have relevance for those of us in the broader retail world, whether as marketers, advisers or shoppers.

First up learning is that the thirst for customisation of product by shoppers has spawned a number of alternate business models - see RedBubble and Zazzle as examples.  This is in essence the creation of their own content (nothing new in that) but then made manifest -the latter being the key point. Over time this will lead to a further questioning of the value of design in traditional retail stores.  This will present further challenges for retailers to differentiate on excellent customer service.

Please drop by the store, and as always I welcome any feedback.

Jun 8, 2011

Social Knitworking works for me

Sportsgirl, Eastgardens
I love this campaign by Sportsgirl - bringing winter warmth to social networking.  It also opens up some great merchandising ideas and opportunities.