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Dec 9, 2010

cell phone shop

Vodafone, Westfield Pitt Street Mall. This cell phone shop has some interesting lessons.  Firstly, it is a clear move by Vodafone away from the white clean lines (almost synthetic) feel to a warmer, more welcoming look, with some wood finishes.  Secondly, they have used mood change lighting - difficult to see from the pic, but the centre of the Voda logo changes it's colour, as does the lighting on the back wall - a range of colours from green  to purple and of course red.  This trend is not only evident in the cell phone shop genre, but also in other stores (Nespresso springs to mind).  It poses some interesting issues when applied to the brand identity - does it detract or enhance ? Presumably the Voda logo is sufficiently recognisable for this to be enhanced, by being 'funky', and visually more interesting, and less of a corporate cell phone shop.  Finally, this  is one of the best (first ?)  uses of dramatic lighting (interior spots/ hotspots) by a cell phone shop I have seen.  Long overdue, and a great improvement on the blandness and often harsh lighting of other cell phone shops. Worth a look.

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