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Apr 5, 2010

Framed at the Camera Shop

Paxton's Camera Shop, Westfield Chatswood. Being a camera buff, I was disappointed to see the cameras hidden behind photo frames, and only a small range carried (small enough to be obscured by 1-2 customers), and tucked away in the corner.  Given their reputation they should do better.


  1. The is a very simplistic view. If you actually walked into the store, you'd know they have every camera on display from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Sony, Fuji, Ricoh, and a others like Leica and Sanyo.

    Maybe all stores could be the size of Clive Peeters.. oh hang on, didn't they just go into administration.

  2. Indeed they DO sell all those brands - perhaps that is the message they should put out front for their customers. The merchandise displayed most prominently sends a message to shoppers. I know Paxtons have a very good reputation, having myself bought a camera from one of their other stores. This is the point - if you want to be treated as a serious camera shop, and known for carrying all those brands, you need to have the cameras and/or the brands displayed very prominently, and not have your prime space taken up with photo frames.

    For the record, I did go into the shop, and it is clear their space is very limited. Even more reason why they should decide whether they are seriously in the camera business.

    Simplistic ? Maybe, but when the shopper only has split seconds to make up his mind about what you stand for, then the message needs to be simply conveyed.

    Thanks for your comment.