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Apr 22, 2010

Time Alchemy – A short video that shows you why time management tactics haven’t helped you

Today Dov Gordon released "Time Alchemy:  How to Think About Your Work So Others Become Insanely Jealous of How Much You Get Done.  If you're in a rush, go get it here: LINK   It's free and you don't need to register.


Why do so many (you as well?) get such poor results from their efforts to manage their time?

I think it's because almost all the good ideas and advice out there is tactical.  BUT there's nothing that marries the tactics with the BIG PICTURE the way Dov Gordon does in his latest video.

The good news: You won't need any new tactics.  This video shows you how to get more from what you already know – and try to do.

It's Chapter 3 of his free training series called "The Simple Secrets of Gordian Knot Management."

It's called "Time  Alchemy:  How to Think About Your Work So Others Become Insanely Jealous of How Much You Get Done."  And you can watch it now.    HERE

Now, you and I don't really care if anyone becomes jealous of how much we get done.  The point is to get more done.  Right?

As with everything he does, Dov has an uncanny knack for getting to the point; for getting to the underlying structure; for helping you see things you may otherwise miss.

And that's what he does with "Time Alchemy."

Go get a cup of coffee and block off a few minutes to watch this all the way through.  It will SAVE you a few hours this week.  I'm sure of it.

A quick reminder, in case you missed my last email.

My friend and colleague Dov Gordon is sharing a very unusual series of training videos for entrepreneurs, CEOs of small and medium sized companies and sophisticated solo-preneurs.

If you missed Chapters 1 and 2,  you can get it HERE.

Chapter 2 is his $149 training video on "How to Win Your Hearts' – by Reading Their Minds."  You can get it FREE THIS WEEK.  You'll need to register at the bottom of the Chapter 1 page, since he protects it behind digital walls.  But then you'll have access forever.

It's very rare that I promote other people's material.  But this is very rare.

So, go now and watch Chapter 3:   HERE

All the best,

Dr Stephen Saunders

The Shoppologist

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