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Apr 28, 2010

Live teleseminar: Clear thinking is your most valuable work and this is brain Windex.


Let's keep this short.

– 90% of your effectiveness as an entrepreneur is determined by how good you are at just 10% of the skills.

– There are only 4 key activities that you are doing more than 90% of the time. It doesn't matter if you are a sophisticated solo-proneur or the boss of 1,000.

– In Chapter 4 of "The Simple Secrets of Gordian Knot Management," Dov Gordon will show you what these are, and help you begin using them immediately.

– If you've already seen Chapter 1, 2 or 3, you know to expect something different; simple, practical and to the point.

– In Chapter 4, Dov will cover:

  • What you need before making your next difficult decision.
  • The structure beneath EVERY disagreement.  Whether with an employee, a customer, a prospect, investor, etc.  Just this insight will grease many rough roads for you.
  • How to focus every conversation on the one thing that will really move it ahead.
  • and more…

– If you join the teleseminar live and stay till the end, you'll get a FREE GIFT:  access to a talk Dov gave on "How to Strengthen Your Negotiating Position."  It's not about negotiation so much as it is about simple things you can do to put yourself in a stronger situation so people do business with you on YOUR terms.

– This will all be during a LIVE teleseminar on Thursday.  To accommodate both coasts of the US and Australia, Dov will be doing this twice.

First Call will be for Australia and Europe:

11pm in Los Angeles (WEDNESDAY night)

7am in London (Thursday morning)

9am in Tel Aviv

2pm in Perth (Thursday afternoon)

4pm in Sydney

Second Call will be  for Europe and the US:

9am in Los Angeles (Thursday morning)

12 noon in New York (Thursday afternoon)

5pm in London

6pm in Capetown

7pm in Tel Aviv

To register, go HERE and scroll to the bottom.

(If you have already registered to get Dov's $149 video free, you don't need to register again.  Just watch for an email from him with instructions on how to join.)

All the best,

Stephen Saunders

The Shoppologist

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