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Jan 29, 2010

Back to School at a Price

SDS, East Gardens. I was impressed to see Globe trying this Back To School deal - good on them for being out there (via this surfwear retailer), but I can't see many parents easily forking out these dollars for branded school shoes ?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stephen,
    Unfortunately, I find you can't get away with less than $100 bucks for decent school shoes. Any brand under that seems to be a false economy and replacement within a few months is inevitable.
    Right now - instead of discounting - retailers should play on the emotion parents have felt in past experience of being "burned" with the cheaper school shoe. It's NOT just the replacement value either. It's also the precious commodity of TIME to go and search out a new pair prematurely.
    I believe Globe has a brand perception issue lately, as they are allowing their shoes to show up at places like Paul's Warehouse heavily discounted. (Right now a huge pile for $23 a pair)I ended up paying $120 last night for Miss 12's PE sneakers - salesman did a good job noticing that my daughter's feet rocked in when she walked & sold me on a special New Balance that corrects this problem. Get to the emotional decision underlying the rationalisation and the sale is a no-brainer!