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Jan 2, 2010

A Tale of Great Customer Service

The Body Shop, East Gardens.  I don't hand out bouquets easily.  However I was very impressed by this store on Christmas Eve.  We had headed out to the shops at about 11am for those last minute gifts, hoping, optimistically, to get in and out before the major rush.  

This store, in contrast to many other retailers, was properly staffed - there were five staff members including the manager who discreetly hovered in the background.  Staff were well presented - with the possible exception of the tinsel (which I have previously mentioned is perhaps not in keeping with The Body Shop values).  They were enthusiastic and friendly, and despite one or two minor glitches were keen to help.  Also impressive, was the 'build your own gift' (at no extra cost) section at the back of the store, which really removed any reason not to purchase.    

As an aside I noticed the pre-made gift sets, which came in different sizes, varieties, and pricepoints, were selling best, but those over $100 were not moving at all.  The beauty of their approach is those can be 'dissembled' after Christmas and the stock redeployed.

We were in and out there relatively quickly, with beautifully wrapped gifts - and having bought an additional 'impulse' gift after we were prompted.

Kudos to The Body Shop - they stood out.

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