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Aug 29, 2009

Twitter: Psychology or Psycho-Babble?

Source: eTailToday.com.au

Extract from my article in eTailToday:

You might well ask why Twitter has taken off – after all, the 'tweets' or micro blog messages are limited to 140 characters, you can get easily get inundated by spam and get-rick-quick artists, and if not careful can waste a lot of precious time.

Some pundits think the Twitter world is inhabited by geeks with ADD. This is only partially correct. It is clear from spending a bit of quality time on Twitter that mainstream consumers are now 'signing on' in droves.

In my opinion, the reasons for Twitter's spread are rooted in fundamental psychological processes at work, and whether Twitter remains as the vehicle of choice for micro-bloggers or not, the practice of micro-blogging has become permanently established.

Marketers need to take note.

The linkfor the rest of the article:

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