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Aug 25, 2009

Why We Buy - Colour

Have you ever noticed how red and yellow are prevalent colours in the supermarket ? It's no accident, as retail marketers have discovered these colours stand out in the (usually dull or even) light of the store. They also convey cues about price and value. Shoppers react to colours – and canny marketers need to examine their packaging, point of sale posters, websites and other collateral to see what cues they are providing for shoppers. Sometimes it does not have to be especially colourful, just contrasting – I know a shop which only does black and white – signalling style and chic interiors. Too much colour and the eye loses the point of focus, too little and the store is monochromatic and boring. Too much corporate branding and it loses impact, too little and the brand is diluted.

Some packaged marketers have even tried to trademark (unsuccessfully) to trademark theiir colours. Just to clarify, the colour above is NOT Cadbury's purple :)

What colours work for your business ? Look at your store through the shopper's eyes. It should be simple. Insight pays.

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