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Aug 18, 2009

Why We Buy - The Offer #consumer

Experienced retailers will tell you the 'offer' has to be good for shoppers to buy. What is 'the offer' ? Apart from the obvious aspect of price, 'offer' could be value or exclusivity (harder to achieve these days), a unique product or service or a combination of these. What is 'good' these days ? In a market where most products are commoditised, an offer has to stand out to be compelling. As with anything it needs to have a point of difference. It should be simple, yes simple, and compelling.

As a retail mentor once said to me, 'they need to be motivated to leave the dishes in the sink !'. The 'offer' needs to have a sense of urgency. What 'offers' work for your shoppers ? How have these changed ? How should you respond ? More importantly, what behaviour do you want to encourage, while maintaining margins ? It should be simple. Insight pays.

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