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Aug 13, 2009

Why We Buy - Service with a Smile #consumer

Today I was in a busy mall shop in the city, and the shop assistant took the time to ask me, respectfully, about how my day had gone. She seemed genuinely interested, although I knew she probably asked that of all her customers. I shared some information, and suddenly found myself spending a bit longer in the store, taking a look around. And guess what ? I ended up buying something additional to my original purchase. Simply engaging me with a smile made it comfortable for me to spend a bit more time.

So many shop assistants provide service with a snarl – sad that the smile is becoming the exception. This goes back to recruitment, selecting the right people, inducting them in the culture of the brand, and training them in the right processes. It's about putting the people back into retailing. Retailers who neglect this are leaving money on the table.

It should be simple. Insight pays.

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