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Dec 10, 2009

Be Very Very Scared

Goldmark, Broadway.  Potential winner in the Most Tasteless Promotion of Christmas 2009 category.  Hell, if you spend $40 they would probably throw in all the decorations as well.....


  1. That's a bit rough - what about the kids looking to buy something 'nice' for mum?

    Maybe that's the only money dad gave them, maybe that's all they have manager to save, no grown adult would fall for it. and if they did well...................

  2. My issue is not with the 'offer' per se - which seems a good deal. Rather it is with the tacky way in which it is presented - even kids/mum scenario deserves better treatment.

  3. They MAY deserve better threatment - BUT - I wouldn;t expect much more - store in Greensborough (Diff brand) uses same technique - I don't like it - but maybe others do?

  4. I DO expect more, because based on my professional retail background I know what is possible. So that is the opinion I am expressing here. You are right some shoppers might like it. Others who don't will vote with their feet and their wallets.

    I think there are a lot of jewellery businesses that are tacky ... and lazy or lacking in imagination.