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Dec 7, 2009

Putting The Squeeze on Shoppers at JB

JB Hi Fi, Moore Park Supacentre.  I am a big admirer of the success that JB Hi Fi has achieved.  However, as much as I enjoy visiting their stores, I never quite understand why they go out of their way to make their stores so difficult to get into (and out of).

Have a look at this store.  Despite having a wide entrance,  they have FOUR security bollards, when clearly three or even two might suffice.  Throw in the security guard and the visual clutter that seems to be their signature, and you have a lot of uninviting signals to the shopper.  (the mum with the stroller only just managed to negotiate the entrance).

To top it all, having  made a purchase, you are required without exception to open your bag to the guard on the way out.  So, your last memory of the experience is a negative one. I might add the security guard here was an exception - very friendly and outgoing, unlike those at other JB stores, where they are often morose and non-communicative.

Ian McLeod the 'new' CEO of Coles was quoted in The Australian on the weekend as saying that Coles had essentially started penalising the 98% of customers who were honest through their security policies, and had now made a conscious decision to minimize negative security impacts.

Retail stores should be welcoming of shoppers. Period. Perhaps JB Hi Fi's success has blinded them to this issue ?  


  1. Agreed. My most recent experience of JB sucked so badly, I'm not going back. The store is cluttered, gaudy and most of all impossible to purchase at. I appreciate they are trying to reduce costs, but here's a thought. If you are going to, in effect, call me a thief while leaving your store having spent $500 with you, at least do it in a non-confrontational tone. And if you don't trust your security Bollards to do the job, get rid of them and make it ABUNDANTLY clear at the entrance you will be asked to open your bag on exit byt one of your 'friendly' staff. Otherwise I will find somewhere more pleasant to shop

  2. Another annoying thing about J&B is that their cash register counter is in the middle of the store. I'd usually expect this to be at the front of the store so you can buy stuff on your "way out".
    Not sure why they do this - seems to go against the trend and not be of any benefit to customer. Does it reduce theft? Make it easier for them?
    Their registers are also ridiculously difficult to find in amongst all the yellow and black.

  3. Try doing it in a motorised scooter, flippin impossible, and the clear floor space is NON-EXISTENT.

    They have lost me, as I am unable to negiotate the interior of the store and am forced to go elsewhere.

  4. I love JB but I agree, it doesn't leave a very good taste in your mouth when you are accosted by security guards every time or can't find anything!

  5. I've said it many times, to many people: I'm not sure if they are successful because of their casual approach, or despite it. I'm leaning towards despite!