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Oct 23, 2009

Apple's Refund Policy

Apple, Chatswood.  Here is an interesting story from the 'frontlines' of customer service.  Kudos to the Apple staff involved.  Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent people involved :)  

Letter received today:

Dear Stephen,

As per our brief chat here is my experience which you are welcome to add to your website if you think it will help anyone.

I purchased a MacbookPro 2 weeks ago and was very happy and excited ever since.  Apple have just introduced a range of new and improved products and also have dropped the price of my particular MacbookPro by $299. I thought "great I just bought something that has devalued in front of my eyes" and left it at that.

So I went along on Thursday to #nscm and got talking to K[] about how great Mac's were and she has just bought a very similar model for the reduced price. When I mentioned that I had to payr a lot more that she did. K[] then told me that Apple would refund the difference if the computer was purchased within the last 2 weeks.

She gave me the number for the Chatswood Apple Store (02) 8064 6303 which is a great number in itself as you get someone from the actual store rather than a general Apple sales number, that you get when trying to talk to the city store.

So I called and asked about a refund and they were more than happy to do it. So I printed my electronic receipt out went in and within 15 minutes had a $299 refund in my account.  So the Apple policy that I was unaware of is that if an item was purchased within 2 weeks of a new discounted price range a refund is given on the difference.

Now I feel great that I didn't buy at the wrong time and have the latest Macbook Pro at a fantastic price and want to keep promoting how good Apple is. Smart policy in my book.


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