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Oct 28, 2009

Why are the lights STILL out at Boost Juice ?

Boost Juice, East Gardens.  I visited my favourite juice bar today, the subject of earlier posts about their failure to replace the blown lightbulb.  Would you believe that, months later, the offending bulb has STILL not been replaced ?  A closer inspection revealed the ones in the 'ceiling bulkhead' had a few blown bulbs as well - at least 4 out the 12.   Do they really think these things do not matter ?    Now, here's the point - if they cannot take care of the little things like broken lightbulbs what hope is there they will take care of the big ones, like product safety, good quality ingredients, good hygiene and customer service ?


  1. It is the fault of the owner - who employs people to look pretty, the owner would rarely visit the store and only then to make sure it was attended.

    Perhaps the centre management should take more interest in what is going on in their money pit?

  2. Thx for the comment - yes, the owner in this case is a franchisee. I think the franchisor, Boost Juice, needs to sort this.