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Oct 27, 2009

A Rush of One-Legged Visitors ?

Paul Dane, QVB.  This store (which sells dresses, shoes and accessories) is either seriously over-stocked or seriously under-sized.  Mall retail space is very expensive and many retailers try to maximize the amount of stock they display - they also often have very little storage space on-site preferring to utilise floor space as selling space. 

However, this is often self-defeating - the store becomes so cluttered that it puts shoppers off and detracts from presenting a quality image.  This, and other Paul Dane stores, seem to be examples of this.  While the chain's young target market may not mind, I question whether they are making the sales they should from the space.  

In New Zealand and in some Scandinavian countries there is a custom that you remove your shoes when entering someone's home.  Maybe this store had a rush of one-legged visitors ? Or is the shoe on the other foot ?

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