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Oct 12, 2009

Starting Off on the Right Foot

The Athlete's Foot, East Gardens.  Store designers often talk of the 'decompression zone' - that space at the front of the store when shoppers walk in, and where they are not attuned to any offers or cues, and just simply are trying to get into the store.  I am not sure it always applies - but here is a good example of how a retailer has dealt with the issue.

The use of the foot icon takes shoppers forward - the footprint is colourful and attracts the eye - pretty much can't miss it :) - and says what the brand is all about - 'scientific measurement so you get a comfortable fit'.  I also liked the shoes on the security bollards.

The seating near the front and the measurement device means you often see staff members towards the front of the store - something which is often difficult to achieve.

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