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Oct 13, 2009

The Corporate Look

Vodafone kiosk, Chatswood Chase. This new kiosk opened a few weeks back. It is one of the 'second-tier' Vodafone dealership kiosks. A couple of observations:

1. I like the rounded edges - flowing through from some of the Vodafone concept stores - they are friendlier than the square edges normally associated with kiosks.

2. I also like the backlighting for the plan 'products', and the way in which they are angled. The exception is the 'back' wall (topmost in the pic) which I believe is angled the wrong way for 'incoming' traffic.

3. The signage is in my view in the wrong place - most foot traffic comes from the top of the screen - the current location obscures a 'welcoming' entrance to the kiosk.

4. There should be backlighting for the products behind the counter - all but invisible at the moment.

5. There are no seats for customers. Most transactions can take quite sometime in my experience.

6. There are very limited work surface areas for staff - despite having to do everything on the computer. The Voda collateral takes up a fair amount of the desk top areas.

7. It is not totally evident, but the outside walls are relatively high - I understand there are always landlord requirements, but these tend to obscure the operation from passing view, and are also not that welcoming.

8. The corporate red has been overdone - perhaps more white could have been applied.

In summary, a neat and tidy kiosk from a corporate perspective, but not that welcoming for the customer and perhaps not that functional from an operational perspective.

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