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Nov 17, 2009

Chemist Steps out in Colour (guest post)

GUEST POST from Bryce Roney

Terry White pharmacy, Devonport TAS. 

I took this picture at my local Terry White chemist.  I thought the use of colour blocking with the deep red packaging worked well but for me there was something a little odd about the bags placed around the table. Looking at the other visual merchandising in the store, they've done a really good job of creating displays that draw customers in - something not normally seen at a chemist.

Comment from The Shoppologist:

I agree with your comments - the way the bags have been hung do detract from the overall impact.  They might have done better to have a single bag on a stand with a small poster, as this seems to be part of the promotional deal.

Overall, as you correctly point out, this is not something you see very often at pharmacies, so they deserve credit for the attempt. The colour blocking is good, though.  Maybe we'll give them  7/10 :)

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