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Nov 26, 2009

Small Steps for Telstra

Telstra store, World Square. This store has some potential.  I like the wide open feel, in contrast to the narrow format of many other T-stores.  The use of back-lit graphics and the dramatic lighting creates a soft, cool mood.  One of their challenges is in the use of the  corporate blue - a very difficult colour to have dominating a retail store. It absorbs light, and too much can look overly heavy and corporate. In this particular location, in a dark narrow end of the mall, it is problematic.  The grey carpet is functional, but also absorbs light - however the in floor graphic looks interesting, if a little dated in terms of retail design trends. Best practice these days is for security bollards to be 'merchandised' with display material.  Overall, though a small step forward on the somewhat sterile T-shops which have tended to  copy the Apple format.

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