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Nov 30, 2009

Head- Scratching Marketing

Pharmacy, East Gardens.  Undoubtedly a serious issue if your child has it, but this left me literally scratching my head.  I think it shows the danger of using vendor-funded advertising.  Not the most positive message for either entering or leaving a store.  What were they thinking ?  Did they think parents would need to be reminded ?


  1. haha That's hysterical! What a great reminder to anyone with a child to stock up on some 'remedy' - whether they need it right now or not.

    Not sure what is not 'positive' about this. For anyone who has this plight, it tells them very clearly with no room for ambiguity, that they can get help. Fast, and natural.

  2. Thx for the comment. Yes, it is unambiguous. As a retailer my question is whether this is the best use of this space. Obviously for sufferers it is, but not all/ many of their passing shoppers would be in this category. I might be wrong, but I would have thought most sufferers would know to head to a pharmacy or doctor to get relief. So, perhaps a sign in-store, but not necessarily at the front of the store ?

    I think the front signage should play a role in drawing as many potential shoppers as possible into the store, best done with a more positive message.