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Nov 10, 2009

The Core of It

Mobile shop, East Gardens.  I could NOT believe this guy serving a customer while he was eating an apple - would you buy a cellphone (in fact ANYthing) from someone eating food ?


  1. Sometimes places like this won't give their staff any breaks to grab lunch, so they have to resort to eating on the job. It's not nice, but its all too commmon.

  2. I could understand (but not accept) someone not getting a lunch break - but wouldn't you put the food down first to serve a customer ? He had it in his hand (unfortunately could not get a clear shot if it)while he was talking to the customer - probably sold him an iPhone (Apple - sic !).

  3. Oh my...eating on the job with a customer beside you is just not on. Eating on the job (if you must) without a customer beside you, is perhaps, passable. But the minute there is a customer, down with the food, showtime!
    Lack of standards, lack of accountabilty... makes you wonder about the 'don't care factor' doesn't it?
    Whose problem is it? Owner, management and staff... *sigh*